ABCs of Family Biking

Want to start biking with your wee one? Join us for a FREE informative workshop on the basics of biking with babies, toddlers, & little kids. We'll do a presentation covering the most common issues related to family biking, with photos showcasing a variety of family biking setups. We'll have plenty of time for discussion & questions, then a half hour outside to try out some bikes with trailers & seats.

This free workshop will be offered five times through the summer & fall of 2016 at the Mount Pleasant Family Centre (2910 St. George Street):

  • June 11, 1pm-3pm (FULL)
  • June 26, 1pm-3pm (FULL)
  • June 28, 6:30pm-8:30pm (FULL) 
  • July 9, 10am-12pm (register now)
  • July 24, 10am-12-pm (register now)

We will have free on site childcare during the workshop, but you must register each child in advance, as we have limited space available.

Topics we will cover include:

  • All the options for riding with your children from infancy to elementary school age
  • How to choose the best biking gear for your family
  • How to carry your stuff as well as your kids
  • Advice on shopping, commuting to work, bikes on transit
  • Basic road safety & theft prevention
  • Fitting your bike & your helmets 
  • Planning your rides
  • Family cycling resources, groups, & events

This project was made possible by a Greenest City Neighbourhood Small Grant from the Vancouver Foundation. We also have prizes donated by Tandem Bike CafeMighty Riders, Sidesaddle Bikes, Reckless Cycles, The Bike Doctor, BikeMi Vancouver, Modo Car Co-op, & Momentum Magazine.


Who are the facilitators?
Lisa Corriveau, aka Spokesmama, is a seasoned bike commuter, cargo biker, & mother of two (ages 2 & 5) who writes about family cycling, organizes group rides & events for Vancouver Family Biking, & sits on the City of Vancouver's Active Transportation Policy Council. Tonya Louie is an experienced road rider, longtime commuter, cargo biker, & mother of three (ages 10, 17, 21) who organizes group rides & events for Vancouver Family Biking group.

Who is providing childcare during the workshop & where is it?
We will have an ECE trained caregiver as well as a student volunteer upstairs in the Family Centre playroom. The playroom upstairs is fully equipped with toys aimed at kids 0-6. The washrooms both have diaper changing space.

Can I bring my kids to the workshop?
Yes, they are welcome to come, however, the workshop is aimed at adults, so they might get a bit bored.

Will you talk about children's bikes?
We're mainly focussed on families with kids who can't yet ride independently & how to carry them with an adult's bike.

Will I learn bike maintenance in this workshop?
No--many other organizations like HUB already do that very well. We wanted to focus on just getting started riding with tots.

Will I be able to test ride the biking gear?
Yes! We'll have a few different kinds of family biking setups (front & rear seats, cargo bikes, trailer) that you can try out during the last half hour of the workshop.

How much does it cost?
It's free! Childcare & snacks are free too! Our workshop is funded by the Vancouver Foundation via their Greenest City Neighbourhood Grant program.

Isn't getting all this family bike gear expensive?
Not necessarily! We'll offer suggestions on how to find used gear on a very small budget to bike your kids around, as well as information about things like cargo bikes that are more of an investment.

Do I need to bring anything?
Nope. We'll have snacks, tea & coffee for the parents there. You may want to bring something to take notes, but we will email a package of resources to all the participants after the workshop.

Do I need to have a bike already?
Not at all--we'll be starting right from the beginning.


  1. Wow! Such beautiful photos. Since we've arrived in Calgary I've appreciated the tips and suggestions that I've found on your blog. Thanks!

  2. I appreciate the tips and suggestions shared here. Thanks to Family Biking workshop.


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