Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One week to go... or so...

Sprout continues his descent, but he also keeps growing upward as well, so I don't really feel like I've got a lot more room for my stomach & lungs. I don't have trouble eating a good big meal though. I haven't really at any time during my third trimester, which is the opposite of what I've heard from other people. I'm still pretty mobile too: I managed to waddle up to the midwife's office & back today in the midday heat. It actually takes me half again as long to get there as it did six months ago!

Nearly everything is ready for Sprout's arrival. Two more things to go: we need to put up the new light fixture in his room & pick up the Newborn Diaper Rental Kit on August 12th. So as long as I'm not in labour or at the hospital that day, no problem. Anybody out there interested in picking it up in North Van if I am? (Sorted it out!)

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