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2015 family photo taken by Bethany Schiedel
A former ESL teacher, linguistics nerd & graduate of the Simon Fraser University Public Relations Certificate Program, I've always loved writing & teaching.

I published my first 'mom blog', The Sprog, when I was pregnant with my son in 2010. Since then, I was nominated as of Vancouver Mom's Top 30 Bloggers of 2012 & our little family has grown from three to four. Spokesmama was born out of the realization that I wanted to shift away from purely personal blogging & toward more advocacy.

While I still write about my life & my family on Spokesmama, I aim to focus more on family cycling, car-sharing (we are proud members of Modo,Vancouver's first car-sharing co-operative), living green & being engaged in my community. I occasionally write about products or services that fit with my lifestyle & values, which I think might be of interest to my readers (like these ones) as well as working with brands to host giveaways or contests & other campaigns.

In addition to writing here, I teach bike education for HUB Cycling, I'm Secretary of the board of directors of the Mount Pleasant Family Centre, I am a member of the Active Transportation Policy Committee for the City of Vancouver, & I lead group family rides & for Vancouver Family Biking, facilitate the ABCs of Family Biking workshops, & plan the annual Mount Pleasant Family Biking Festival.

Contact me by email at lisa@spokesmama.com.

@spokesmama on Twitter
@spokesmama on Instagram

Published In

“How Much Can You Carry in That?” and Other Icebreakers, Momentum Magazine, October 2016

50 Shades of Biking, We Cycle, British Columbia Cycling Coalition News Magazine, May 2015
Cover & page 5

Speaker At...

CycleHack Vancouver
24 June, 2016

Featured Blogger at the YVR Bloggers Meetup
11 December, 2013 (19:34-24:46 in the video)

Interviewed in...

Active Transportation Advocacy with Lisa Corriveau
October 3, 2017, Family Pedals podcast

Oh So Precious Cargo
January 22, 2016, Metro News Vancouver

Gut Bacteria May Protect Against Asthma in Infants
September 30, 2015, CTV National

Community Cruiser with Steph Florian 
14 June, 2014, News 1130
(audio no longer available)

DaddyBlogger TV
9 December, 2013, DaddyBlogger.com

Canadian Public Relations Society Student Profiles: Lisa Corriveau
20 March, 2013, CPRS Vancouver

5 shopping challenges to consider this holiday season
By Armina Ligaya, 6 December, 2012, CBC Online

The Real Real Housewives of Vancouver: Lisa Corriveau
27 November, 2012, The Thirties Grind 

The Roundup: Top 25 Canadian Moms
7 November, 2012, Circle of Moms

Blogger Profile: Lisa Corriveau
By Rebecca Bollwitt, 15 October 2012, Miss 604

Talking With the Experts - Lisa Corriveau
By Eschelle Westwood, 5 September 2012, Poor Bride

Motherhood Reinvented: Changing Diapers and Changing Careers
By Daniela Ginta, Fall 2012, Urban Baby & Toddler Magazine, p.24-25

Do Car Shares Reduce a City's Footprint?
Fleets of Modo, Zipcar and Car2go reinvent the transport wheel in Vancouver streets.
By Adam Pez, 31 Jul 2012, TheTyee.ca

Guest Posts

 EDC: XL: Lisa Corriveau, Blogger at The Sprog on Erin at Large

Cycling in Style on Little Miss Mama


Vancouver Mom Top 30 Bloggers 2012

Circle of Moms Top 25 Canadian Moms 2012


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  1. Ok, you are way to cool! and I'm trying your
    deodorant recipe, you rock with your stilts! :) Michelle W

  2. Your twitter link in the list on the left is not spelled correctly, I think, because it doesn't take me there. I found you by other ways :)

    Following by Google Friend Connect too.


    1. Thanks for catching that! I've updated the link.


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