Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nipple Quest 2010

Yesterday Oli & I had plans to drop by an old uni friend's yard sale to peruse her selection of 12-24-month boys' clothes & gear. Unfortunately, she cancelled due to our lovely wet coast weather. Instead, we ended up walking over to Auntie Sarah & Uncle Aaron's place.

There we had snacks & hung out a while. It's nice to have another person (or two) who is excited to hold, feed & play with Sprout. Sarah & Aaron also had a 'present' for us: they'd snagged a set of Skiphop Playspot floor tiles that someone in their building was getting rid of. After a relaxing afternoon we left to pick up a few things at the shops in the neighbourhood: Finlandia Pharmacy for Lactation tea, Home Depot for a light fixture, Babies R Us, Shoppers, Save-On & London Drugs in the hunt for a narrow version of the same bottle nipples we're using.

The narrow slow-flow body-vented silicone Nuk nipples are my holy grail right now: with them, we could bottle-feed little L straight from the Medela bottles I pump into. This would save us from having to transfer to a wider-necked bottle every feeding, then wash the damn thing afterward. Unfortunately, a slow-flow version of this particular nipple seems to be impossible to find in Canada. I've looked in countless stores & online as well, but have yet to find a Canadian retailer who sells the version I need. American online shops either won't ship here or will extort $23+ for shipping on a product which weighs less than an ounce & costs less than $3! I have found the medium-flow larger nipple version for older babies, but this would make getting milk from the bottle even easier for him, thus encouraging him to prefer it to the breast. Theoretically.

Our shopping trip wasn't all bad though, as I was able to find more Medela breast shields in the size I need & this has made pumping a bit more comfortable for me. Oli grabbed a light fixture we need to put in the suite downstairs & picked up some yummy samosas for dinner. We also picked up some gripe water from Finlandia--it's a tincture of herbal extracts to help with Sprout's gas pain. Poor little guy had a bad 'attack' while we were in Babies R Us (what better store for a baby to scream at the top of his little lungs in?) & at the same time his AIO diaper leaked everywhere. Luckily just pee, but it soaked his onesie, pants, bassinet sheet & mattress cover in the stroller. Changing a diaper on a baby who is screaming in that frantic, high-pitched, hyperventilating way was stressful. I went old-school with the solutions: swaddle, shushing & gripe water. Not sure which one helped, or if the over-the-shoulder burping was what did it, but he calmed down completely within about five minutes & fell asleep in the stroller on the walk home.

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  1. Could you not use the Medela slow-flow nipples? My kids did fine with them. I only switched to bigger bottles when Jonah got bigger and needed more than the tiny Medela ones could hold.

    We used to have a lot of leaks from AIOs too! A two piece diapering system has always held in the messes better for my babies.



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