Wednesday, November 24, 2010

GOOD morning

I've only been awake for about two hours now, but I'm having a great day so far. Here's why:

Woke up just before Sprout around eight. I got about seven hours of uninterrupted sleep! YES! Normally I'd be laying in bed now, trying to get just one more hour...

Left a content baby in bed with Papa & had a nice, long shower. Even had time to condition my hair & apply moisturizer afterward.

Got dressed & watched Sprout try to keep Papa awake--unsuccessfully, that man can sleep through anything--by intermittently squealing & laughing at the top of his lungs. I swear, he's the loudest baby ever when he's happy & playing, but when he's crying he doesn't make anywhere near that much noise.

I made myself a big bowl of organic oatmeal & a pot of tea.

There are home-made buns & bread sitting on the counter. Oliver made them last night.

My pile of wares to sell this Sunday at the Blim Market is growing fast. So far I've made a dozen pacifier/toy leashes, several receiving blankets, two baby wrap carriers, a stroller quilt, half a dozen appliqued onesies, eighteen bandanna bibs, dozens of wipe cloths & about ten necklaces.

It's snowing & dry out there so maybe it'll stick for a bit! :)

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