Friday, November 12, 2010

Interestingness (yes, I know this is not a real word)

It's six-thirty in the freakin' morning, still dark outside & I really should get back to bed, but it's been an interesting enough time since I last posted that I had to write. To keep it brief & hopefully let me get back to sleep soon, here's a list of interestingness:
  • Sprout cluster-fed through most of the daytime, like the day before, so I think this might be a growth spurt.
  • He did not take a top-up yesterday at all.
  • I pumped before I went to bed & got 45mL in about seven minutes. 15mL is going to the CHILD Study at my three-month home visit later today.
  • Sprout just slept for almost NINE hours straight after fussing a bit & then being swaddled. 
  • I woke up more engorged than ever before only five hours after pumping & going to bed.

If he keeps sleeping this long, I'll need to pump before bed every night so that I don't get painfully, sleep-interruptingly engorged overnight. This will mean that I have extra milk I can freeze or something. Oh. My. God. I have trouble believing that I might be able to make what he needs, let alone more than he needs. It's only been a week that we have been cutting back on the top-ups & we haven't weighed him since before that. I'm tempted to go to the Breastfeeding Centre today to weigh him on the same scale as last time, just to see if he's gained much weight this week...

Just before I go back to bed, I'd also like to say that I'm thinking of my other mama friends who have struggled with milk supply issues & other breastfeeding difficulties. Thank you for sharing with me--knowing that I wasn't alone in this has really helped me get through the weeks of appointments, weigh-ins, pumping, supplementing, trips to the store to buy formula, endless bottle-washing & doubts. I hope you all feel really proud of yourselves for persevering through all this to get your babies as much breast milk as you can for as long as you can.

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