Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Joys of a Smartphone

I've just recently joined the rest of the cool kids & got myself a smartphone. Now I have experienced the benefits, I can't imagine going back. I can play Angry Birds in the loo. I can take hourly pictures of the baby & post them on FB in seconds, keeping Sprout in your feed *constantly* (lest you forget how cute he is). I can send you a barrage of text messages with this qwerty keyboard. I can create a digital grocery list in only twice as much time as it takes to write one on paper. I can listen to podcasts downloaded while squatting on your unsecured wifi network & never have to interact with strangers on the bus again. I can check my email while breastfeeding anywhere, anytime. I can stalk my Google Latitude friends. The possibilities are endless!
But seriously, folks, what do you use your smartphone to do? Got any favourite apps?


  1. Stellarium is a pretty awesome (free!) app. It uses GPS to show you the night sky around you, illustrates the constellations. On the few nights it isn't cloudy it's quite handy! ;)

  2. Angry birds is pretty awesome. But I have to say that my iPad has mostly replaced my iPhone as my go to device - unless I don't have it with me. I read blogs from my google reader feed and quite often get to read different things as I read the feed all mixed up. I love checking email on it when I am waiting or FB.

    The iPad however is way more useful to me!


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