Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers' Day

Today is my first official Mothers' Day. I am thrilled to have my teeny little man in my life now, but the occasion also makes me remember some people who aren't here to celebrate it with us. PhD in Parenting inspired this post.

I was a mama-in-waiting on Mothers' Day 2009, but lost our first son, Arrow, at 18 weeks gestation only a few weeks later. Each year, as June 4th nears, I start to think of him a bit more than the rest of the year. I hope the women out there who'd wanted to become mothers by now can still enjoy the day & keep their hopes up for future Mothers' Days.

I am sad because my longest friend, Slavka, will be celebrating Mothers' Day this year as a widow. Though the years she spent with Tomas were all too short, I am happy that at least he helped her become a mother, as she had wanted for so long.

Today my family also celebrates the life of my grandmother. She passed away days before her 91st birthday in April, after a happy life with no regrets. She had several weeks to say goodbye to us all & was well cared for during her fairly short illness. I am thankful that she got a death that was dignified & gentle, but I will miss her.

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