Thursday, August 25, 2011

A family tradition

Yesterday we went to the PNE. I always felt special as a child because my birthday falls during the two weeks that the fair is open. It's been something of a family tradition for me, though we didn't go every year because we didn't live in Vancouver for most of my childhood. Last year we packed up 12-day-old Sprout, ventured there in a co-op car, trying to figure out how to do it between naps & constant breastfeeding. We had a pretty good time & Sprout was actually awake for some of it.

This year's visit was quite a contrast. We went by bus & after Sprout woke up from his usual stroller nap, I breastfed him while we watched the miniature horse show. Last year at this time we were still getting the hang of breastfeeding & I fed him in the quiet, women-only space they have set aside next to the baby change station. Sprout was looking at everything, reaching out to grab things near him & pointing at anything that he was interested in. He chattered at the bunnies & covered his ears when the announcer at the pig races was too loud. He had his first mini donuts & even got a souvenir: he was given a toy football by the people at the Army booth.

Can't wait to take him next year: maybe he'll be big enough to go on a ride or two!

If you'd like to see the whole series of photos, they are here in a Picasa album. Below is my video of the pig races. Enjoy!

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