Friday, August 5, 2011

What I learned in July (yes, I know, it's a bit late)

  1. Sprout thinks toys are boring. Ordinary household items are much more fun: plastic containers, shoes, the baby hairbrush, shampoo bottle, baby toothbrush, shelving units, the broom & most interesting of all, the bathtub plug.
  2. Zipper pouches are really fun to make. I made a simple fleece-lined netbook sleeve from vintage bed sheets & it was a lot easier than I thought. Considering the massive stash of zippers & fabric that I have in my sewing room currently, I predict you will be seeing a lot of those in future.
  3. Aside from American Apparel, nobody  makes plain black t-shirts for babies or toddlers. I'd go with AA, but might find it tough to sell them when my materials cost over $13. Sigh. I've been looking for one for weeks to make into a tie-tee ordered by my midwife.
  4. Everything always happens at once: with three articles & a term paper due in a week, my laptop died. Oliver thinks the TC power connector is separated from the motherboard. On the bright side, now I have a new little netbook.
  5. Eating food that grew in your back yard is incredibly satisfying. So far we've harvested cilantro, basil, kale, two cucumbers, a zucchini & dozens of green beans. I'm looking forward to when the celery, tomatoes, kohlrabi, assorted lettuce greens, bell pepper & squash are ready too. I'm preparing to be a bit disappointed by the broccoli & cauliflower, as neither has flowered yet. I'm cautiously optimistic about the watermelon, because despite all warnings that it wouldn't work here, we can actually see a teeny-tiny one growing on the vine.
  6. Performing on the ground is actually just as fun as performing on my stilts. I really enjoyed being a fairy at Vancouver's 125th birthday celebrations at Stanley Park. If any of you out there need a stilt performer or costumed character (green fairy), let me know... 


  1. Regarding plain t-shirts, have you checked out those at Michaels? I"m not sure how small they go though... but they are about $4 each. They are in the fabric painting/tie-dying section.

  2. Good tip, Wem. I did actually look there when we were in last week, but they don't carry baby sizes, unfortunately.


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