Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Parenting while sick

Today I woke up at 3:30am with what I now think is mild food poisoning. I won't get into the details, let's just say I've been relatively incapacitated since then. Oliver seems to have developed it too, slightly after I did. Thankfully, Sprouty seems fine & had a really long nap, giving us both time to rest. I feel somewhat better now, but far from well.

Baby-Led Weaning, Stage II: get your own damn snacks.
This is the first time I've been really sick since having Linnaeus. Poor Sprout is having a late lunch of toast & hummus, plus various toddler snacks from the boxes he ransacked while both parents have been too sick to entertain him. He seems a little concerned about us, as we're not acting normal. It's really hard to take care of nearly all of someone else's needs when you're sick. Gah. I can't imagine how hard this would be had I gotten sick in the next few weeks when Oli will be working again. At least there's two of us to deal with diapers, feedings & cuddles. I think the cuddling part is the worst thing. I'm a bit dizzy & it doesn't feel good to have weight on my belly, so I'm avoiding holding Sprout as much as I normally would. Poor little guy.

Besides feeling awful & still having to change stinky diapers, etc., there's the added worry that over-the-counter medications could harm Sprout via my breast milk. I was able to find one seemingly reputable website early this morning that said taking Gravol should be fine. The Gravol is probably the only reason I slept a few more hours after 3:30am. I know Tylenol will be okay too, but I've put it off, as the fever isn't too bad. Over the last few years, since my first pregnancy, I've gotten used to questioning everything that passes my lips & how it could affect my baby.

Another thing I'll add (sorry for the disjointedness... I don't have the energy to write well today) is that I'm not worried that he'll get the virus or bacteria that's making me sick via breastfeeding--there are very few illnesses that would harm him that way. (Any Moms out there who don't know about the Kellymom website? There is a ton of reliable information about breastfeeding, illness, drug safety, etc.)

The good news is, if my 'diagnosis' is correct & we do actually have food poisoning, we'll both be well quite soon.

Have you been in this situation yourself? How did you manage a baby/toddler/child while you were glued to the couch?

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