Monday, September 5, 2011

Stuck under Sleeping Sprout, Again

I wonder sometimes how many hours I've spent in the past year & a bit with Sprout snoozing on me. Sitting on the couch, usually, half numb legs folded up under me, often awkwardly hunched forward over him to reach my laptop as I am now. Sometimes it drives me a bit nuts to have a baby who refuses to sleep in his crib in the day time. But I try to enjoy the feeling of 20-something pounds of baby, arms & legs akimbo, mouth falling open, dozing across my knees, because I know he won't be doing this forever. Someday he won't want as much cuddle time. Someday he won't nap anymore. Someday he will grow bigger than me.

Here are a selection of photos from the last year, all of Sprouty conked out on me.
17 days old: too hot for me to wear a shirt.
3 weeks old, face-down to make his tummy feel better.

One month old, smiling in his sleep.
At the Ukulele Circle, conked out during the last song, six weeks old.

Likely the only photo we have of him with a pacifier. (Two months old) 

Nap time at Auntie Sarah's place, three months old.

Too-big fleecy winter sleeper, four months.
New Year's Eve, four & a half months old.

Sleeping through the second period of a Giants game in the first row. (Five months)

After a few good books. Six months old here.
My handy-dandy lap-warmer at seven months.
My little potato head is almost eight months old here.

Nine months old, having some noms while sleeping.

Eleven months old, still fits in my lap.
Almost thirteen months, napping & snacking simultaneously. AKA The Boob Nap.

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