Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nap Battle Day II

Here we are nine months after the first post, Nap Battle Day, & we're still struggling with naps. Several months ago, Sprout transitioned with fairly minimal fuss from two naps to one a day. This past week, he's reverted to two, sometimes falling asleep just two hours after waking up. So this morning, after a sign that he was tired, I put him in his stroller in the living room (still the only way he'll sleep in the house during the day), expecting him to quietly play for a few minutes & then fall asleep within a half hour. As I write this, he's alternating growling noises & indignant whining, starting to escalate to bawling.

I wonder why he's moving back to two naps now, at nearly 15 months old? A friend had a theory that it was related to the developmental stage. Her son had done something similar around the time he started to walk. Maybe Sprout needs the extra recharging time because he's about to make a developmental leap to walking. But I'm not sure that's it. He still seems almost completely uninterested in walking when I hold his hands & encourage him to walk with me. When I put him on his feet beside his walker toy, he'll stand there for a minute, then when it starts moving, he'll get onto his knees to push it.

Can't figure this kid out. When I try to follow a routine, it just doesn't work. The only think that works--usually, not 100% of the time--is to take him out for a walk. Something about the movement & the tck-tck of the wheels going over the sidewalk panels just lulls him to sleep if he's tired.

UPDATE: Sprout finally fell asleep, after an hour of alternately playing & grumbling.

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