Sunday, November 27, 2011

2011 Resolutions: the Score

It's a bit cliche to make a list of New Year's resolutions, I know. Nonetheless, I think it's a valuable exercise to be explicit with yourself about what your goals are for the year. Writing it all down makes you a bit more accountable, in a way. Sharing that list with other people makes you even more accountable (then even if your will power is failing, you've got social pressure & hopefully support to keep you on track). Then at the end of the year, you can look back at your list & (hopefully) cross a few things off. That feels good.

Here is my list from last year, annotated:

  1. Improve my writing, specifically around punctuation. I overuse ellipses & really don't know how to use semicolons properly. Not sure if I really achieved this. I am more aware of punctuation as I'm writing, anyway.
  2. Blog &/or tweet daily. This might be a bit ambitious & could result in really tedious just-because-I-had-to posts, but I'll try to come up with something interesting every day. It took me about ten months, but I've done it: I'm now blogging daily!
  3. Spend more time making things. I need to get around to some of the projects I've bought fabric for, fabric that is taking up a lot of valuable real estate in my sewing room. Not as successful on this one. I have done a few scrap-busting projects (book bag, bunting, doll clothes for gifts, baby blankets for Etsy, a few items of clothing for Sprout) but haven't really gotten around to completing any of the projects I bought specific fabric for.
  4. Hurricane Linnaeus passes through the kitchen
  5. Clean my house more often. To encourage this, I think I will invite people over more. Hmm. I think this one was marginally successful, but with Sprout trailing behind me, tearing things off open shelving, grabbing random things & dropping them in other rooms, it's hard to stay organized. & then there's his habit of dropping food he doesn't want to eat on the floor. I can't keep up with the mopping.
  6. Organize my sewing room better & keep it that way. Definitely failed on this one. I did reorganize the furniture, but the room is really a narrow pathway amid heaps of fabric, notions, gift-wrapping supplies & paper craft materials. This will have to go on the list for 2012.
  7. Get rid of some stuff in boxes that have been unopened through several moves. I think hours of sorting, then a yard sale & several trips to the donation area of the Sally Ann should accomplish this. Well, I did get rid of FOUR garbage bags of clothing. There's also a stack of kitchen items that are earmarked for donation. I still haven't touched those junk boxes that I know are squirreled away in the living room, the garage, my sewing room & Oli's office. It's well past yard sale season too, so I think it's all going to be donated, or postponed.
  8. Research early childhood development, with the goal of being more mindful of how I raise my son & what preschool &/or elementary school programs I'd like to have him in. I think I was a little premature on this one. Sprout's still a couple of years away from pre-school, so I'm going to give myself a break on this, maybe add it to the list for 2013.
  9. Complete four or more SFU courses in 2011 & maintain at least a 4.0 GPA in my Post Baccalaureate Diploma. I've completed three courses & will have completed three more in less than a month. My GPA on the other hand, I didn't keep as high as I'd hoped. I feel like it was an achievement to snag a B- in the unbelieveably thrilling research methods course I took in the summer, but sadly, that dropped my GPA to 3.87. Considering how my classes have been going this semester, it's headed downward again when my fall grades are factored in.
  10. Start hiking again. One of the things I really want Sprout to love is the outdoors, so best get started soon! Absolute fail on this one. We haven't been hiking in ages. I'll add it on to the list for 2012. 
  11. Decide on bike trailer vs. centric child seat & get Sprout biking with me. Done. We bought an MEC trailer. However, I no longer think this is either/or. I want to get a child seat too for those quick trips around the neighbourhood where the trailer isn't that convenient.
I give myself a score of 4/10. Not fabulous, but I still have over a month to go, so maybe I can squeeze in a few more of these. I do have a few projects on the go, so my progress in #3 will be incrementally advanced. #4 & 5 might be possible in December. However, with exams & Christmas also in the same month, I might be a bit short on time. Heh. Maybe I'll shoot for one more, at least?

What's your opinion on New Year's resolutions? Do you make a list annually? What were yours for 2011? Did you achieve some/all of them? What's on your list for 2012?

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