Thursday, November 24, 2011

Delurking! (In other words, please say hello)

I've been trying to write more & have managed to post daily for the last few weeks. Yay! However, the comments are few & far between, despite the fact that (Blogger stats tells me) I have over 50 hits a day. I'd love this blog to be a bit more of a conversation, a community, rather than me spouting off into the ether.

Could you please comment on this post? Introduce yourself if we haven't met before, post your blog or website address. If you have any questions for me or ideas of things you'd like me to write about, I'd love to hear them!


  1. I usually check your blog every day! But for a week or so, it hasn't loaded on firefox for me. I usually get busy and forget-this is the first time that i have started up IE to see if it works on here.

  2. strangely my comment about commenting doesn't seem to have shown up. but can't say much now - onw handed while beeb eats

  3. @Julia: I have been fiddling with my comment moderation lately. I originally vetted every post, but didn't seem to get any spam or weird stuff. So I changed the settings to just moderate on posts older than two days, which should still catch the weird random bot spam that I've gotten on other blogs. :)


Thanks for commenting! (I've had to enable comment moderation on older posts to thwart spammers, so your post may not appear right away.)


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