Monday, November 7, 2011


It's nice to get a break from mommy duty for a few hours during the week. Being at school, thinking of things other than diapers, snacks, drool & tantrums for a while is a relief sometimes. (Tempered by the annoyances of life as a student, however, that's for another post) But being away from Sprout for nine hours on Mondays is hard. The smile on his face as he crawls at top speed toward me when I pick him up at daycare is pretty awesome. The little hugs he gives me when I pick him up & the way he ravenously tucks into breastfeeding, even if he's just had a snack: it all makes me melt. I try to enjoy every one of those moments now because I know he won't be breastfeeding forever, eventually he won't have that glee upon seeing me, one day he won't need me this much. But for now I really enjoy the physical connection that we have, the cuddles, the nursing, the huge smiles, even the dependence.

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