Saturday, November 12, 2011

Whole Foods Pizza: YUM!

I've been shopping at the Cambie Whole Foods once in a while for a few months now. They're a good source of organic food, 'alternative' grains (like amaranth, kamut, spelt, quinoa), plus natural health products like probiotics & other supplements. Surprisingly, I had never tried their ready-to-cook pizza until this week. I was in there on a Tuesday when the pizzas are two-for-one. I grabbed a couple of large ones along with the other things I was picking up. When we ate them later that evening, I was floored. Whole Foods' pizza was really good.

My major beef with most pizza, be it frozen, delivery or eaten at a restaurant, is that it's too salty. Not a problem with the Whole Foods ready-to-cook. I picked up one with pesto rather than tomato sauce, as Sprout still has trouble with diaper rashes after eating tomatoes, plus a regular ham & pineapple. Both were fresh, flavourful, loaded with cheese (but not greasy) & the crust was a really nice consistency: not too thin & crispy, not poofy & doughy. The ingredients are much better quality than your run-of-the-mill frozen pizza--really fresh veggies.

Another nice little bonus is the packaging: the lid on the pizza is recyclable clear plastic, the tray underneath is made of recycled paper products, compostable or recyclable as well. You can bake the pizza in the paper tray if you like, which I did. It turned out perfect--not too brown, but not soggy because of the bumps built into the tray to allow for air flow during cooking.

Probably the best thing about this pizza was the price: $12.99 for a large. That's not a screaming great deal compared to the stuff you'd find at Safeway or IGA, but when they're two-for-one it's about the same price for much better quality pizza. If you're near a Whole Foods on a Tuesday, pick up a couple of pizzas & let me know what you think.

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