Friday, December 30, 2011

Review: Lazer toddler helmet

What is it?
Lazer toddler helmet

How does it work?
The helmet works just like an adult helmet, with adjustments on the chin straps as well as at the back. Fits heads 46-52cm/18.1-20.5".

Why is it good?Besides the cute chick popping out of an egg graphic, the shape is designed to be fairly flat at the back to work in a trailer. The Lazer toddler helmet is the least expensive of the smallest helmets I could find available in the Lower Mainland. Most cheaper toddler helmets that I've seen have elastic at the back, rather than a ratcheting plastic adjustment like the Lazer has. I'm sure that the elastic wouldn't be that snug at the smallest size & might be too tight after a while, so I think you get  a much better fit as your baby grows with the Lazer helmet. For a kid with an average size head, this will work from about 11 months to over three years old.

Where can I get it?
Cambie Cycles & Whoa! Nellie (in Vancouver).  
UPDATE 17June2012: Ride On Cycles on Main Street has the best price: $30.

How much does it cost?
About $40.

*I didn't get any compensation for writing this review, I just bought the helmet & like it.

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