Monday, January 16, 2012

List #8: Things I don't like the smell of

Tree of Heaven, photo credit: Darkone, on
Wikimedia Commons
I've been noticing smells more for the past while... not sure why, but it isn't really a good thing a lot of the time. Here are my least favourites.
  1. dirty diapers
  2. most disposable diapers when clean (scented--ew)
  3. serious alcoholics (sitting near me on the bus)
  4. rotting crab shells squashed into the road up the street from my house
  5. most perfume
  6. overripe papaya
  7. cigarette smoke
  8. people who smoke
  9. Tree of Heaven (if you don't know why, read this article
  10. another kind of shrub like it that I don't know the name of, for the same reasons
  11. teenagers
  12. lilac (I think I'm a bit allergic to it)

- - - - - - - -
Why Monday lists? Reading the lovely Chloe's blog, Tea Swamp Park, I found an idea I had to 'steal': a list of all her Halloween costumes, with quite a few photos. She got the idea from Hula Seventy's List Project. I've decided to do the weekly lists for a year that Hula Seventy is doing. 

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