Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gear: Babyland Diapers

Two of our Babyland diapers & an insert behind them
What is it?
Babyland Diapers (also called Papoose)

How does it work?
Babyland diapers are pocket diapers. To the uninitiated, that means an outer shell of waterproof PUL with an inner layer of microfleece & a microfibre insert that goes inside the shell through an opening at the back waistband of the diaper. Once the inserts are in, they snap up & go on much like disposable diapers. You can toss them in a plastic bin (I suggest a lid) & wash them two or three times a week. They're one-size diapers, so the rise is adjustable with three rows of snaps on the front. I'd say most babies could wear them from about three to six months to two to three years old. We've had them for around a year, since Sprout was six months old or so & we still haven't gotten to the last row of snaps at the waist.

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Why is it good?
The diapers come in several different prints & solid colours too. They work nearly as well as the higher end diapers I've bought elsewhere, though the fit isn't quite as good around the leg. There are only two snaps on the top of each side, so there's a tendency to have 'wing droop'. The inserts that came with the diapers are not that big either, so once your baby is drinking more than about six ounces at a time, you'll get leaks unless you add doublers. I have made other inserts myself from hemp-cotton fabric, so I don't rely on these inserts alone anyway. Though these diapers aren't quite as good as others we've tried, they cost $10-20 less EACH. (The same eBay seller also has a slightly different diaper with a third snap at the leg which would be a more precise fit. I'm considering buying a second set of those) I'd say, once you get past the newborn stage & your baby is 10-12 pounds (depending on build) you could use these diapers. With 20 of them, you wouldn't have to do laundry that often. So you could probably get about two years' use out of diapers that cost you around $80.

Where can I get it?
I bought them on eBay, from a seller called hairworlds.

How much does it cost?
About $40 for ten diapers including inserts (depending on exchange rates).

*I got no compensation for reviewing these diapers.

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