Saturday, March 24, 2012


Confessional. Palermo, Italy. By Emilio Labrador
Now that I've been posting daily for about five months, it's become a routine. Which is not to say I write a post every day, but I produce enough content (often in small batches when I find the time) to schedule something for every day of the week. Though I feel like I've got that down pat, I'm still always looking for ways to blog better. I like having regular themed posts--Monday lists, Wordless Wednesdays, Friday reviews, a Linnaeus X.x update--this helps me structure the week.

I've thought of another theme to run with once a week: Confessions. I try to keep my posts here pretty positive, even the reviews, which are usually products I use & love, but always my honest opinion. However, I think there's room for a little humility, a bit of self-deprecating humour, some honest admissions that I'm imperfect/weird, just like the rest of you.

So, without further ado, I bring you the inaugural Confession of the Week:

I'm addicted to the interwebz. 

Some of you probably already know this about me if you're in my Facebook network or know me in person. I find myself checking Facebook, Twitter & my Gmail as soon as I wake up in the morning on my phone in bed while Sprout is having his morning nursing session. I am on Facebook & browsing Google Reader during class. I check Facebook & Gmail again as soon as I get home from school, usually while nursing Sprout. At least once a day, he tries to get me to play with him & I'm just trying to read one more article on the Tyee. Since I've been tracking my time here on this computer, I find that I spend about 45-50 hours a week using it, most of that time online.

I feel guilty about how much time I spend on my computer, when I could be doing more important things, like playing with Sprout, various household chores, homework or writing work. I feel like the amount of time I spend sitting here with my netbook is also contributing to my declining fitness level & increasing the 'bagel' of flab around my navel to the size of a bundt cake.

So now that I've admitted my addiction, maybe I can take the next step in taming it. Just not sure what that is yet. Meanwhile, I've got a few new things in my RSS feed to peruse...


  1. I think we're all victim to that one! I'm trying very hard not to make it a major part of my time with Theo. I really don't want him becoming screen boy - there's plenty of time for that.

  2. It's true, I'm not alone. Thanks for reminding me. :) When I think about how many parents I see gazing into their smartphones at the baby gym, it's a confession a lot of us could make...


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