Saturday, March 31, 2012

What I've been watching lately

Couldn't resist listening to this one: a great old country super-group singing a song about reincarnation (?!?). Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson perform the Jimmy Webb song "Highwayman" live:

More videos & links that I've found interesting after the jump...

HGTV's Massive Moves. The episode called Pacific Palace introduced me to an idea I had never considered: buying a home that would otherwise be demolished for cheap ($35,000!!) & moving it to your property (this part is less cheap: $80,000, I think they said). Definitely a greener alternative than one home being demolished & another home being built, even when you factor in the transportation from West Van to Sooke by barge.

A while ago I subscribed to Kirsten Dirksen's YouTube feed & have been watching videos on unique, mostly hand-crafted small homes around the world. The latest was a tiny home in Spain:

After a recommendation by my friend Heather, we watched the BBC documentary series Victorian Farm & have loved it. We've also gobbled up the other series they've done on the Tudor era (Tales from the Green Valley, A Tudor Feast). This week it's been Victorian Pharmacy: an exploration of the origins of the modern pharmacy in Victorian England, filmed in the Blists Hill historical park. Did you know that more than a hundred years ago, it was typical for pharmacies to stock photography supplies, makeup, condoms, pesticides, as well as food? Here's episode one for you:

Last but not least, check out this fun video of an art bike project (20 artists rework 20 bikes) found on Momentum Magazine's site.

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