Monday, April 9, 2012

List #20: Hair colours I've had

Natural blonde at 3 1/2 years old.
When I was in my twenties, I experimented a fair bit with hair colour. Eventually I stopped because I started to worry about the chemicals in the drugstore hair dye kits that I was using. I remember sitting there with Blondissima plastered all over my head, thinking, if the fumes cascading down my face are making my tongue go numb, this can't be good for me...

I think the last time I coloured my hair was for a costume party to celebrate my 33rd birthday, nearly four years ago. I like the burgundy colour, though it was a chemical-ridden semi-permanent.

Check out my list (with more incriminating photos of said birthday party hair) after the jump!

All the colours I've had, natural or not, in no particular order:

  1. Natural blonde (as a child)
  2. dark brown
  3. burgundy
  4. purple
  5. dark pink
  6. dark grey (not intentional)
  7. bleach blonde (streaks & all over yellow)
  8. black
  9. navy
  10. orange (oops)
  11. peach (also oops)

Not-so-natural blonde highlights, circa 2003.

Happy Cyberpunk birthday to meeee...

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Why Monday lists? Reading the lovely Chloe's blog, Tea Swamp Park, I found an idea I had to 'steal': a list of all her Halloween costumes, with quite a few photos. She got the idea from Hula Seventy's List Project. I've decided to do the weekly lists for a year that Hula Seventy is doing. 

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