Monday, April 16, 2012

List #21: Things we don't buy

Why use 'sposies when cloth diapers are SO CUTE?
I read this list of Ten Things We Don't Buy or Pay For  on the Frugal Girl blog, which was inspired by this post on Money Saving Mom. I thought I'd try to make my list of ten too & got a little carried away... Heh.

Check out the full list after the jump!

  1. cable (we don't own a TV)
  2. paper towel: instead we use dishcloths or towels
  3. deodorant: I make it (recipe here)
  4. cars, car insurance, gas & maintenance: we use our bikes, our feet, transit & sometimes Modo carshare
  5. disposable diapers or wipes
  6. shampoo or conditioner: it's been just over a year since I went 'no poo' & switched to baking soda & apple cider vinegar 
  7. shaving cream
  8. glass cleaner: vinegar & water with a drop or two of dish soap works great
  9. music
  10. mouthwash: salt water is great for this, particularly if you're sick
  11. newspaper or magazine subscriptions
  12. frozen meals (except the occasional pizza)
  13. pads or tampons: I've used a DivaCup or occasionally LunaPads for a long time now
  14. books, real or digital (excepting Sprout's)
  15. paper napkins
  16. DVDs or video games
  17. dryer sheets or fabric softener
  18. manicures, acrylic nails, waxing, etc.: I just don't do this stuff these days--never really did before
  19. hair products
  20. hair cuts for Oli: he or I buzz it with our clippers 
  21. extended warranties
  22. bottled water: not only is it expensive, wasteful & often less clean than Vancouver tap water, plus it's sitting around in plastic which can leach more chemicals into it
  23. kleenex: we use toilet paper or washable hankies/wipes
  24. hair colour
  25. wrapping paper: I make fabric gift bags or wraps or reuse gift wrap/bags that have been given to us

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Why Monday lists? Reading the lovely Chloe's blog, Tea Swamp Park, I found an idea I had to 'steal': a list of all her Halloween costumes, with quite a few photos. She got the idea from Hula Seventy's List Project. I've decided to do the weekly lists for a year that Hula Seventy is doing. 


  1. I have a question. You say you don't pay for music is that because you don't buy new music?

    Here is another blog you might enjoy:

    1. We don't really acquire music in any form anymore, aside from the occasional CBC podcast. I stopped buying CDs years ago & even the last few that I did tended to be directly from merch tables at festivals or gigs. I got tired of giving $15 to record labels & $1 to the artist.

      Most of the time we listen to music on the radio or on free streaming sites. Occasionally we get CDs from the library, but that's usually for Sprout. Once in a while we'll drag out one of our old CDs & play it on Oli's laptop. I think this is the way things are going & people are not going to 'own' music in the future.

    2. Really? I can't imagine not owning music. I only want to hear what I want to hear so playlists are extremely important to me. Do you really think with digital sales the artists are not getting more money? What if they sell directly from their own websites? If people don't buy music how do artists get compensated?

    3. I like podcasts & the radio for introducing me to music I might not have heard before. I have been making playlists for YouTube videos, but that's not necessarily a great source of music in terms of sound quality.

      I did a quick bit of googling to find some numbers. Looks like artists going the traditional route of find a big label, let them promote you & sell albums through retailers make 10% or less whether it's online or brick & mortar stores.

      There's an interesting infographic on the breakdown of a CD here:

      Here's another infographic I found on the percentages that go to artists comparing various types of media. It shows artists selling on iTunes getting 9.4% of the total song/album cost, which is a bit less, actually, than selling an actual CD at a store.

      I think a big issue with the music industry is that as a whole, they're still in denial about the fact that everything's going digital. All the music execs & others who make tons of money off artists are going the way of the dodo.


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