Wednesday, May 23, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Seen in Langley while I was there performing for the Langley Memorial Hospital fundraiser gala. Note: these two contradictory signs were fairly close together, on either side of the entrance to a fenced off area. Can any equestrians out there explain what in the world these signs mean? & for bonus points: which one is spelled right?


  1. The second sign is spelled wrong, but I think it is horse training (keeping a horse on a rope and having it do circles around you). Or perhaps it is performance art... :-)

  2. According to, lungeing is the correct spelling. Lun-jing. If you removed the "e", wouldn't it be lun-ging?
    And yes, Rob has defined lungeing properly! I'm mildly proud that I only had to look up the spelling, not the definition! Must be all those horsey books I read when I was younger. ;)

  3. Wendy/Lisa: Eep! I meant that the second sign is correct! Thanks!

  4. I figured that 'lunging' would be pronounced as LUNG-ing without the G sound & assumed it must have something to do with lungs. ;)


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