Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bucket List for Children & Risky Play

I came across an article recently about a National Trust campaign trying to encourage British kids to get outside & play more often. When I went through the list, I can't say that I did all of these things before age 12, but  definitely could have checked off everything on the list by 18. Then it made me sad that there needs to be a list like this at all. Problem is, if you're a poor kid living in an urban environment, how many of these things will be accessible to you?
From The Daily Mail
I also found this National Post article about playground safety here in Canada & how we've erred too far on the side of caution.

What's your take on the safety issue? Would you like to see playgrounds get a little more interesting? How many of the things on the above bucket list did you do before age 12?


  1. Same as you - a good number of these by 12, and pretty much everything by 18. Growing up, I always had easy access to nature.

    1. I lived in small towns until I was 13 & nature (not groomed city parks) was easily accessible. In the middle of the city where we live, we'll have to make an effort to get Sprout to natural environments that haven't been mowed or pruned...

  2. for risk-averse parenting, a mom friend of mine found this blog entry on toddlers and small children getting injured going down slides on their parents' laps - ironically, going down the slide on an adult's lap puts the kid at greater risk of injury than a solo descent.

    1. Oh, god, I know--there's a risk to EVERYTHING. I've read of children getting serious injuries due to flying sippy cups in car accidents, facial lacerations from falling with pacifiers in their mouths... Danger is everywhere! ;)

      I try not to think about all the possible injuries that could result from pretty much anything Sprout does. If I bubble-wrap him & never let him out of the house, what kind of a person will he grow up to be?!?


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