Thursday, May 17, 2012

Events we're probably going to...

In case you hadn't noticed, I've added an events listing page, accessible by the tab on the upper right. It's just a list of things that look interesting to me & I thought it might be worth sharing them with you. Maybe we'll even meet up there. :)

Image by Stv on Flickr
The latest addition to the list is this Sunday's opening of the new plaza at the Roundhouse Community Centre. For the train-obsessed (Aiden, I'm looking at you) this should be a great afternoon: you get to climb aboard historic Engine 374! I'm also looking forward to seeing Firebelly's aerial dance performances.

So far, I've got eleven events on the list (some of them recurring) between now & August. I'll be adding more as I hear about them, so keep checking back. Let me know if there's something interesting going on & I might add it to the list.

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