Sunday, May 13, 2012

First Farmer's Market of the Season!

Yesterday I got up a bit early to finish altering my stilt pants, then once I was done, we headed to the first Trout Lake Farmers Market of the season for breakfast from La Creperie Boheme. After spending a while in a long line--the market was soooo crowded--we were munching our buckwheat crepes stuffed with all kinds of gooey filling. (I recommend 'La Quebecoise'--it's about a pound of cheese, ham, maple syrup, bechamel & apples wrapped in a crepe)

I think one of the things I love best about the Farmers Market--besides the crepes--is the Bicycle Valet. Services like this will get more people to bike, because it makes it easier than driving. Being able to just ride up, hand off my bike to someone who'll park it in a fenced off enclosure is awesome. Good like finding parking for a car around there :P.

If you haven't ever been to Trout Lake Farmers Market, it's not just about shopping for food. It's a great place to pick up plants for inside & out, edible or not. You can also find handcrafted goods, talk to master gardeners or--new this year--watch a cooking lesson. There's entertainment every week too: the middle of the market is where the musicians play. This week it was FiddleStix, a celtic duo that Sprout loved (he looks a bit nonplussed at the beginning, but stick with it... Here's a short video:

The Trout Lake Farmers Market runs from 9am-2pm every Saturday until October 20. It's in the parking lot near the northeast corner of the park. If that one's not too close to you, check out the other markets in the city in Kits, Kerrisdale, the West End or Main Street Station.


  1. I was going to go yesterday, but figured it would be crazy busy and so will probably wait until next week. I like to Main St one a lot for that reason - nowhere near as crowded!

    I also LOVE the Bike Valet service. They have it at PNE as well; Adam and I have a tradition (well, last 2 years) of biking down there and eating ridiculous fair food (I'm sure it alllll gets burned off from the ride! ;) )

    1. It was pretty crazy busy when we were there at 10:30-12ish. Not that much worse than normal, though. It would have been a lot easier had we not taken the trailer--it's a behemoth as a stroller in a crowded place like that. Next time we'll bring a carrier instead. :)

      Ooh, I didn't know the PNE had bike valet service! Good tip! That's awesome. Driving there is crazy, taking transit nearly as bad, but it's a nice bike ride. We'll definitely do that this year!


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