Friday, June 22, 2012

My Summer Bucket List

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I know, I know, I've been posting A LOT of lists lately. I couldn't resist after reading The Frugal Girl's Summer Bucket list. Here's mine: 
  1. Go camping (I'm embarrassed to say it'll be Sprout's first time--it's been three years since we went)
  2. Get the deck & roof fixed
  3. Have some summer barbeques
  4. Start regular fitness classes again (I'm thinking deep water aquafit & maybe a bootcamp style class I've heard about)
  5. Go to water parks & pools weekly
  6. Do a short bike tour, maybe on the Gulf Islands
  7. Take a trip or two to Vancouver Island
  8. Go on at least one hike a month with Sprout
  9. Get out & play in nature at least once a week (the ocean, the forest, lakes--not just groomed parks & gardens)
  10. Find a men's XL shirt at a thrift store & try out some of these looks
  11. Renew/get passports for all of us & travel to the US (I really want to visit Portland)
Have you got a bucket list this summer? What's on it? Let me know in the comments or... if you have a blog: I'm trying out a Linky.

Quick Primer on Linkies: If you have a blog & you want to share your summer bucket list, hit 'Click here to enter' then put in your blog info. Your bucket list will be linked below so my readers can find you too!


  1. Join us at Maple Grove Pool! Or that very closeby Spray Park. Check! ... Fitcamp! I'll email you the details.

    1. Yes, I'm up for the Fitcamp! Where's Maple Grove Pool?

  2. I wrote a list of goals I'd like to accomplish this summer. I missed the linky, though.


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