Thursday, July 26, 2012

Linnaeus 23.2

Mama was playing with stickers...
Wow! Getting so close to two! Two more weekly updates left, then I'll switch to monthly.

New this week:
  • Singing his ABCs (though he tends to skip K, L & R).
  • Increased speed on his runner bike & wanting to go out on it daily.
  • Getting completely obsessed with the Muppets' Mahna Mahna video. He sings it himself & demands to see it regularly.
  • Now likes to do up all his clip & zip fasteners: high chair 'seatbelt' clips, packpack strap clips, helmet clip, zippers. 
  • Starting to make the connection between pooping & the toilet or potty. We've had two successful, er, deposits. Mostly it's just that he's started talking about the potty as he's filling his diaper.
  • Showing a definite preference for the iBert rather than the trailer.
  • Lots of four-word sentences.
  • Clearly making his choices known when given options to pick from: "Do you want hummus or peanut butter on toast?" "Hummus!" or "Would you like to wear the red striped shirt or the yellow raccoon shirt?" "Raccoon shirt!"
  • Napping on days when Mama was there to put him to sleep.
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