Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer is here

Sprout has really started hamming it up for the camera lately.
Yesterday we had a very summery day. We biked to meet friends at the new spray park in our neighbourhood. Not sure why, but Sprout didn't want to go in the water at all. He spent nearly the entire time running around in the playground & climbing up the tallest structures, banging on the plastic drums & riding the 'rock-rock' (pony on a spring).

At lunch we ate lots of watermelon, then I filled up Sprout's little pool on the deck. He splashed around happily, emptying nearly half the water out. The deck has been a great extension of our living space since the weather's been warm enough to really enjoy it. We always have the back door open & Sprout has his 'sand' table out there, the tent to play in & a few other toys.

The downside of treating the deck like another room of the house is that the 'sand' & dust from outside get tracked into the kitchen, with its ridiculous white tile floors. Who puts white tiles on a kitchen floor, I ask you? So mopping is a big part of summer for us.

Just before dinner, Papa took Sprout on a runner bike ride around the block. He still goes really slowly on that thing, but he loves it. Then we had home made potato salad with lots of eggs in it. Potato salad is something we eat any time of year, but when eaten outside on the deck it's definitely summery.

I love the long days of summer. Having so much more daylight is great for us night owls. We can have dinner at our normal time (7 or 8ish, sometimes later) then actually do something afterward, like walking over to the Dairy Queen for ice cream just before they close. We weren't the only ones with this idea--there were probably a dozen other people there, sneaking in for dipped cones, blizzards & other sugary cold treats before 10pm.

On the way home we stopped for a few minutes at the park. I think most kids in the neighbourhood had probably been in bed for hours at this point, so it was deserted. Sprout loves having it all to himself once in a while. Walking home in the cool--but still shorts & t-shirt weather--of a great summer evening capped off a lovely day.

What summery things have you got up to lately?


  1. I finally got my bike fixed, so yesterday was my first summer bike ride along the seawall along False Creek south. Of course I did this at the absolute hottest time of day, so when I got home I laid on a blanket in the shade for about half an hour. Another one of my favourite summer activities ;)
    Ooh! And then I got gelatto at Bellaggio on Main later on - all in all a great summer day for me too.

    1. Nice! Even when it's hot, cycling is still awesome when you're moving along the seawall. :) & gelato makes it all better.

    2. Definitely! The seawall ride was great, the hill back home however... ;P


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