Saturday, July 28, 2012

The shifting sands of naptime

Sleep has been tricky lately: bedtimes and naptimes both. Yesterday Sprout hadn't napped by 6:30pm and I thought maybe we'd be able to skip it and put him to bed early. Nope. He climbed up onto the couch, leaned up against me and crashed around 6:45pm. After a two-hour nap, he wasn't tired enough for bed until nearly midnight. This wasn't the first time: he's done it a couple of other times this week.

Sprout often wants to stay awake for eight hours after he gets up in the morning, which makes for a pretty late nap. Then he goes to bed later, wakes up later and the cycle just repeats itself. He's getting enough sleep most days--about 12 hours total between night-time and naps--but I wish it were a bit more predictable. I'm constantly struggling to get him to sleep earlier. It's almost like his circadian rhythm isn't set for Earth, but some other planet with days that are a couple of hours longer.

Have you dealt with this with your child? Any suggestions for me?

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