Friday, August 31, 2012

Book Review: Mommy Mixology

Mommy Mixology: A Cocktail for Every Calamity is part memoir & part cocktail recipe book. It features over 60 tasty recipes, 20 gorgeously styled photos of some of the concoctions & author Janet Frongillo’s humorous tales of catastrophe raising her three sons. Mommy Mixology has the answer to your parenting woes: a good attitude & a fully stocked bar can keep any mom smiling through the craziness of it all.

Here are a few examples, directly from the book:
  • When your toddler digs in his heels and comes back with “NO!” 367 times, shake it off with a refreshing NO!Jito.
  • When your little darling starts to pick up on—and repeat!—every word you say, clean up your language with a Son of a Beach.
  • When your 3-year-old pushes down his Pull-Ups and learns the difference between boys and girls, sit back and laugh with a Penis Colada.
The anecdotes focus on just the first five years of motherhood from conception to sending your little one off to kindergarten. The drink recipes are her take on the classics, including a chapter of 'virgin' drinks for the moms-to-be out there.

I think Mommy Mixology would be a great baby shower gift or Christmas present for new parents. Even if with kids who are beyond kindergarten, moms (& probably dads too) could still relate to the stories sprinkled in with each recipe.

About the Author:
Janet Frongillo lives in New Hampshire with her husband, three sons & assorted dust bunnies. She is a regular humour writer for Parent: Wise Austin. When she's not blowing the budget on Target or dreaming up cocktails on the sidelines at tee ball practise, she can be found blogging at Muffin Top Mommy. You can also follow her on Twitter.

Published by Ulysses Press, Mommy Mixology is available in print & as an ebook.

*Disclaimer: I was given a copy of the book for review & as an Amazon affiliate, I'll receive a small commission if you buy a copy via the links in my post here..

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