Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bucket List Fail

"Bubbye, worm!"
Remember my Summer Bucket List post from back in June? No? Well, I'd forgotten about the list too, for the most part. I've been thinking about all these things a lot, but have accomplished very few of them.
  1. Go camping
  2. Get the deck & roof fixed
  3. Have some summer barbeques. We had one big one for Sprout's birthday
  4. Start regular fitness classes again
  5. Go to water parks & pools weekly. Virtually no pools, but Sprout actually enjoyed the lake in Penticton. I think we've done enough water parks to count as weekly. Three times times this week--it all averages, out, right?
  6. Do a short bike tour, maybe on the Gulf Islands
  7. Take a trip or two to Vancouver Island
  8. Go on at least one hike a month with Sprout
  9. Get out & play in nature at least once a week. Hm. This one's iffy, but I'm crossing it off. We've had a lot of park time & many many 'nature moments' like watching a squirrel eating for five minutes, playing in the garden & putting an errant worm back in the dirt.
  10. Find a men's XL shirt at a thrift store & try out some of these looks
  11. Renew/get passports for all of us & travel to the US
There's still some summer left: I'm counting right up to the equinox. Maybe I'll get in some of the travelling & have an actual holiday where I'm not staying with my in-laws. A girl can dream, right?

Have you had a bucket list this summer? Did you get through many of the items on it? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I did pretty well but I did keep it pretty realistic. The bigs checks were Potty Train Theo - YES! and get passports (YES!). The rest was gravy really - go swimming, make ice cream, go swimming ... missed a few (kayaking with Theo didn't happen after both Mark and I hurt ourselves).

    You inspired me to make a list and I'm glad I did. Even if you don't do them all, it's just something to do think about.


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