Thursday, August 23, 2012

More kitchen gadgets?

Lately I've been toying with the idea of buying a couple of kitchen gadgets. The warm weather & abundance of fruit (plus reading What Colour is Your Smoothie) has inspired me to make smoothies more often, which barely work in my blender.

I tried to do chocolate almond butter with it a few weeks back & nearly killed the thing. I think a food processor might actually be what I need.

The other gadget I've been thinking about is an ice cream maker--I blame Harriet & Amber for this hankering. I hesitate on this one because I'm not sure having easy access to fresh ice cream even more often would be a good thing, given my sweet tooth.

I'm a bit torn on the gadget buying idea. I've been trying to cut down on the amount of stuff in our tiny kitchen. Yes, we do have a house, but the actual working area of our kitchen is smaller than many apartments I've lived in. If we don't need it, it has to go, because we just don't have room for a lot of stuff. I suppose if I replaced my blender with a food processor, that wouldn't be so bad.

I've never had a food processor--can anyone out there tell me if they work for making smoothies? Got any advice or recommendations for me here?


  1. No! We have a food processor, and it is not effective for smoothies. It does not chop up large pieces or ice cubes. The way the blades are situated is not as good as a blender for liquifying. I've tried, and failed. I got my MIL's old blender for that purpose. I use my food processor mostly while making soup. It chops up kale quickly, and will puree cooked veggies when making a cream soup. (not raw, so unless you like a salad in your smooothie...).

    I recently found it can be used to grate or chop carrots, which has saved me a lot of time (and finger skin) when making carrot cake.

    I may not be the best person to ask however..I can't figure out why food processors are so popular! I use my mixer way more often than a food processor!

    We have a kitchenaid FP, to match our mixer.

    If you are going to be making smoothies on a regular basis-I'd recommend buying a good blender-maybe commercial strength?

    I also have an ice cream maker. (The cuisinart one I believe-it's cherry-red). I used it a lot the first summer I got it, but not so much now. The cylinder has to be pre-frozen for about 8 hours before use. Liza has the same one, and she uses hers frequently though. You can make a quick frozen yoghurt too. I tend to make sorbets instead of ice creams, because most ice creams are custards.

  2. Food processor can be used for grinding up cashews to make the equivalent of Larabars and other snacks that cost about $2 a bar, so it can pay for itself in that regard. Homous, baba ganouj, ??? as well?


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