Tuesday, August 21, 2012

One of those days...

Another book to review!
Yesterday started off well, with a paycheque & a book to review arriving in the mail. But after having intermittent internet issues (Router? Modem? ADSL? My netbook? You'd think living with someone who works in IT, this would get fixed sooner rather than later. Sigh.), not being able to upload images from my phone & then losing a collage--made up of the series of photos I'd painstakingly emailed myself one by one from my phone--I'd been working on for a good chunk of the afternoon, I got pretty frustrated. Sprout's renewed interest in screaming at the top of his lungs was just the cherry on the cake, really.

I just can't bring myself to redo the photo collage for a second time. I think I'm going to stop using my phone to take photos so often, as it's become such a huge pain in the ass to get them off it. Today's trip to Maplewood Farm will be documented with our Canon G12, which has a lovely SD card that I can easily pop into the slot on my netbook.

Hope you're having more luck with technology than I did yesterday!

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