Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Quotable Bits: Gardening

My husband loves gardening & it feels really good to convert the somewhat useless lawn we had into food production, bit by bit. We also very much want Sprout to understand where food comes from & have a connection with nature. These two quotes from Michael Pollan sum it up well: 

"A lawn is nature under totalitarian rule."

"The garden suggests there might be a place where we can meet nature halfway."

Here are a few shots of our first tomato harvest:


  1. Great quotes, and how lovely to have vegetables right in your own backyard! I wish I loved gardening and had the patience to start a veggie garden! Thanks for linking up :)

  2. I am not good at keeping things alive. We have started small and we have 3 small flower gardens at our place. baby steps.


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