Sunday, September 2, 2012

Exercise Challenge: Month 5, Week 5

The fruit of my online researching labours
I spent a lot of the week sitting on my butt, researching washing machines. Ours finally gave up the ghost, despite several repair attempts & a new belt. Sprout was also sick with a cold. A little needier than usual & a lot snottier, I didn't think everyone else at our usual haunts would appreciate germ sharing, so we didn't go out much. Not a lot of exercise.

Sunday I walked with Sprout to the park & back. 20 minutes.
Monday we walked over to the park with Sprout. 20 minutes round trip.
Tuesday I can't remember doing anything other than wiping Sprout's nose.

Wednesday I walked up to my doctor's office for an appointment--don't worry, nothing serious, just asking for referrals so I can get massage & orthotics covered :) I walked at a good pace so it only took about 25 minutes for the round trip.
Thursday we biked downtown to look at washing machines in Sears. About 40 minutes round trip.
Friday I did about ten minutes of walking.
Saturday we biked to Trout Lake Farmers Market, a round trip of 25 minutes.

Weekly Exercise Total: 140 minutes. Nowhere near my goal, but I'll make up for it next week. ;)

What is this Exercise Challenge, you ask? Read my post on Day One for details & how you can get involved too.


  1. I notice a top loader in the pic. Is the new machine a front loader? You will have to report on whether you like it! We moved last summer to our first-ever front loader and honestly have not been super impressed. I liked being able to soak stuff in the deep tub and use ALL THAT WATER! Which I know, not the most environmentally friendly view, but there you go. We end up soaking stuff in the bath tub now and using less hippie detergents because sweaty synthetics just don't lose the stink otherwise.

    1. That's the new one in the pic, it's a basic Kenmore top-loader. When I did the research, the front loaders got panned for cloth diapers a lot of the time. They're also a lot more expensive than the top loaders. Our last place had a front loader & we liked it, but this was before we were doing diapers.

      I thought of getting a high efficiency top loader, but the one that I'd heard good things about would have cost us nearly double what we paid for this basic model. The electricity savings on the HE models is negligible & wouldn't likely save us enough to justify the difference.

      I would have preferred to get a model that used less water & power, but finances had to come first with this decision.


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