Sunday, September 23, 2012

Exercise Challenge: Month 6, Week 3

Squeaky D hits the beach
Sunday we rode over to the Food Cart Fest & back. 40 minutes of riding.
Monday I biked Sprout down to the Athlete's Village for some rock throwing fun. 20 minutes of riding.
Tuesday I biked to Ikea with a jaunt on the Canada Line to Marine Drive Station, then home again the same way. Total biking time was an hour.

Wednesday Got in 15 minutes of walking, wearing Sprout.
Thursday I biked to a blogger meetup in Yaletown, which was about a 35-minute round trip.
Friday I tried out the free trial Fitcamp class with EastSide Fitness, biking there & back. A half hour of cycling & an hour class.

Saturday we biked to the Canada Line, then met friends at Lansdowne Station,  for a leisurely ride around Richmond & back to their home for sushi. A quick train ride & then a 10-minute ride home & we were done for the day. About 25km in an hour & a half total.

Weekly Total: 450 minutes. More than an hour a day! Woot!

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When I started this Exercise Challenge, part of the deal was to keep in mind how the exercise made me feel & I've been lax on that aspect. This week, the Fitcamp class nearly killed me (I think it's been a year since I did a fitness class like that) but I felt really good afterward, despite having less than adequate sleep the night before.

Next goal: keep that feeling in mind to motivate myself to deep water Aquafit class.

What is this Exercise Challenge, you ask? Read my post on Day One for details & how you can get involved too.

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