Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What I've been reading lately

It's been a while since I've put out a link-stuffed list of things I've found interesting on the interwebz. This time, I decided to just throw my last ten bookmarked pages at you, with a little explanation about what makes them worthy of a read.

This is the under 8 size swimwear on www.elizabethhurley.com
  1. Do you have a young daughter? What do you think of Liz Hurley's new line of bikinis for girls? Huffington Post has a video.
  2. Another HuffPo piece on why the third trimester is actually kind of awesome, just for all you preggos out there, or those who want to reminisce.
  3. I'd never thought of making snack food like these cinnamon almonds in a crock pot. Might just have to try this soon.
  4. My friend Leigh penned a brilliant article for Jacobin Magazine about the real reason why the space program has fizzled.
  5. Have you seen any news articles on the recent study on sleep training methods & their impact on babies? Annie of PhD in Parenting takes a closer look at the actual methodology of the study & discovers what the study actually proved.
  6. I found an online service that helps manage your Twitter account, specifically to filter by who's not following you back. Unless it's a Twitterati like Margaret Atwood who can't possibly keep up with all her followers, or a service like Translink Information, I think it's poor etiquette not to follow back & perfectly reasonable to unfollow those who don't reciprocate.
  7. The results (en francais, for those of you who can read it) of an interesting study in France looking for the sociological reasons behind the huge variation in breastfeeding levels among French women.
  8. I love nearly every Tyee piece I read, I have to admit, but this one is stellar. 'The Parable of the Textbook', by Henry Yu, an exerpt from the first chapter of "Too Asian?": Race, Privilege and Post-Secondary Education. This new collection of essays is a response to "Too Asian?", an article published in Maclean's magazine nearly two years ago on race in Canadian universities.
  9. Yet another study that adds to the mountain of evidence that there is safety in numbers for cyclists, this time in Philadelphia. Check out the article here.
  10. Not only to we need more bikes on the road, we need more on our walls. Bike art! Get some here

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  1. How do you keep up with everyone on twitter if you follow all those who follow you? I generally do not follow those who follow me unless I think they might be interesting. I find my twitter stream to be overwhelming at the best of times.

    Is it really twitter etiquette to follow all those who follow you?

    1. Hm. It's hard to explain... Following every single person isn't quite what I meant. I don't bother following every business who follows me in the hopes that they can advertise at me. I don't follow everyone who follows me if they don't seem interesting either. I guess it's when it's someone you know personally, or you read their blog--some kind of connection--then it's rude not to follow back.

      As for the overwhelming, I only enable a few people's tweets to come to my phone. I use Twitter online often, with Hootsuite, where I use lists to keep it less overwhelming.

  2. Hmm..I watched the video on the bikinis for girls, and I am torn. I don't like the grown-up clothes for little girls, but we wore bikinis as children, and I don't think it harmed us. I wouldn't buy the tied ones for sure..not appropriate for toddlers! But I will buy my daughters bikinis or tankinis next summer for them to wear. The past few years we've had 1 piece bathing suits, and they are so hard for little girls to peel off to use the toilet. Do we worry too much about sexualization of our daughters? That a bikini becomes inappropriate?
    Having said that..I would much rather my girls wear sports-cut type bikinis instead of triangle-bra top bikinis.

  3. Having two girls, looking at those bikinis kind of alarms me. My older daughter wears two piece tankini bathing suits so she can pee easily, but there is NO WAY I am sexualizing my kids with little tie-on two-triangle bikini tops. No way! Especially when advertised by coy little models. Ick! I'd far prefer my kids run around naked or in bottoms only like boys while they're little than wear bikini tops that imply breasts or hoped-for-breasts.

  4. Oh and as someone who grew up in Richmond and went to Commerce at UBC? I was at "too Asian" most of my life until I finished university. My friends from then are 90% Chinese. That 2010 article, the acknowledging that "white" kids would pick a uni based on how "Asian" it was, just made my blood boil. The alphabet allegory is absolutely awesome, and addresses so many of the inequities we have received as legacies.


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