Friday, October 19, 2012

Review: Gogo Bags snack bags

I recently received a voucher for a free Gogo Bag when I was at Leading Moms & was eager to try it out. If you haven't heard of them before, they're 100% cotton (inside & out) pouches for toting snacks, sandwiches & cutlery around. Rather than using plastic or heavy glass, these little cloth bags are light & compact. There's no worry about pthalates, BPA or any chemical leaching from the cotton. They're also zipper free (no zipper to wear out or get food in it), with a simple overlapping closure that even a toddler can get into on their own.

I got the apple print Gogo Snack Bag, just like the one you see on the right, & Sprout immediately scooped it up & started playing with it. The small bags are a great size for holding some baby carrots, cherry tomatoes or other small snack. They cost $6.95 for the small, which may seem like a lot, but considering they're made in Vancouver & will last years, you could be saving money in the long run if compared to disposable sandwich bags.

Gogo Bags also claim on their website to keep cut apples from browning, so I did a little field test. I put half a cut apple in the bag & the other half next to the bag in the air for a 'control'. After about an hour, I checked on the apples: the ones in the gogobag were a tad oxidized, but less brown than the ones in the air.

One caveat about Gogo Bags: they're not waterproof, so anything liquidy would leak out. They're also absorbent cotton, so if you store oily snacks in them like potato chips or similar, they'd need washing afterward. They can be washed warm & dried in the machine just like your clothes, however, so they're pretty easy to take care of.

Gogo Bags range in price from $6.95 to $37.95 for a full set of the bags including a cutlery carrier, two sandwich and two snack bags, all available for purchase on their website,

A bit more about Gogo BagsAnahita Sharvini, the founder of Gogo Bags, started the company a few years ago when she was trying to come up with the most eco-friendly way for her kindergarten-age son to bring his lunch to school. Her mom signed on to help right away & after months of testing & prototyping, they had a product that they sold at Christmas Markets in November 2010.

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