Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bike Shopping: Yuba Mundo

I've been wanting to buy a new bike for years. I thought about having a touring bike put together for me about three or four years ago, but then decided against it, as we were trying for a baby, so I didn't think I'd be riding much. That turned out to be true--I hardly biked at all between the summer of 2009 & the summer of 2011. Then I started dreaming of a new bike again, this time settling on a cyclocross.

I looked around & starting thinking pretty seriously about getting Mighty Riders to build me one, but my old bike is still running fine, now that it's got a new front rim & I've replaced the bars so I can sit more upright. So to the back burner went the cyclocross. I still dream about buying something a bit racy with drop bars, but lately I've started to think a cargo bike would make more sense.

Accessorized Mundo: stoker bars, leg up foot rest & soft spot seat.
The Yuba Mundo attracts me with it's beefy cargo capacity (440 lbs PLUS rider) & range of accessories to make hauling serious amounts of stuff easier. It seems to be really well rated everywhere I've looked, I just need to get my butt on one to test ride it. Of course, I'm also considering the El Mundo, the electric assist version. Having the boost of a motor would make really long trips quite doable & getting up the hills in our neighbourhood a breeze. Not to mention the ability to ride at car speeds with the motor more than doubling my pedalling input. Hard to say if the extra cost would be offset by the savings in Modo bookings & bus fare though. The El Mundo is about double the price of its unassisted sibling.

The El Mundo, naked of accessories.

What do you think of the Yuba Mundo (or El Mundo)? Have you ever ridden one? Would you buy one?

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  1. Love, love, love our Mundo! I haven't tested an El Mundo but we do have another bike with electric assist and it's the best option for staying out of cars for longer periods of time. Our Mundo has been the best purchase our family's made. The boys love it, my hubby and I both love it. It's held up to everything we've thrown at it and on it. We've taken it camping, long distances (90 miles one day!), and loaded it up as much as I could pedal. It always feels solid and stable (as long as you balance and strap everything down well, of course). I always feel more powerful and more capable when I take the Mundo, it's as if I can do anything! Check out my website for more details: Let me know if you have any specific questions, I'm always happy to help!

    1. Awesome, Elle. Thanks for the details. It seems like anyone who actually has a Mundo is really happy with them & vocal about it. :)


    The mundo is a great bike, but I'd have trouble choosing between it and the forthcoming Xtracycle Edgerunner. I've used my Xtracycle to haul two kids and groceries for years, but now they are getting a little too big and heavy.


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