Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fresh Eyes Lead to Some Changes Chez Sprog

Yesterday Sprout & I spent the afternoon at the home of some new friends, Lisa & her little one 'Monita'. Lisa & I got to talking about our blogs. She's new at the blogging game, having recently started Vancouver Under 5, which profiles activities to do for less than $5 with children under five years old. I gave her some tips from what I've learned in the past couple of years blogging. She gave me some useful feedback on The Sprog.

Having fresh eyes look at the blog & hearing about it from a reader's perspective is so valuable to me. I 'live' here at The Sprog, so it's hard for me to see it the way someone visiting for the first time might. I also come up with more ideas when I can bounce ideas off another person.

So after all the feedback, I sat down & rearranged a few things around here. There's more still to come, but what do you think so far? Can you spot the changes? I welcome your comments!

Nothing says “best gift ever” like a caribou!
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  1. Nice! I like the Kids at the Table pic and the site looks easier to navigate. You work fast, bloggin' Mama.


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