Friday, January 18, 2013

Daycare Decided

We did it. We picked a daycare for Sprout. I'm relieved that the search is over, happy it didn't take too long & hopeful that we've picked somewhere that will work for all of us. He'll be with three other little kids & I think he'll really enjoy the outings planned, as well as the music & singing they do each afternoon.

Because the area where we live is full of young families, there are tons of home-based daycares to choose from. We found one we like that's close to home & will be directly on our way to work & school. Though I am still annoyed at the lack of interest our government has in funding childcare in this province & I think there should be many more spaces at group childcare centres, I'm happy with our choice of care. Sprout will start there in less than a month, about a week before I start school so we can ease him into it as gradually as necessary. He's already very comfortable at the house--the two times he's been there, he made himself right at home immediately--it's just being away from me for up to nine hours that he'll have to get used to again.
Farmer at the dentist, Johann Liss. Wikimedia Commons

I have to admit--I'm really looking forward to that week he starts--I don't have much planned except a dentist appointment. But what luxury: just going to the dentist. By myself! No stroller to wrestle through heavy doors! No squirmy small person to dress & undress for the winter weather! The other days that he'll be there for a few hours I can... say, sew something without him stealing pins out of my pincushion. Or read a book without him jumping on me. Or go shopping & look at something for more than a minute without him either running off or trying to tip the stroller over.

I love my son. But after two & a half years of being with him pretty much full time, I'm really looking forward to some time to myself. I probably won't even cry when I leave him a full day at daycare. Probably.

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  1. I see your spambot has been busy. Have you considered using CAPTCHA or something similar?

    Congratulations on finding child care! Maybe I should consider taking in an extra child or two in 2014. :-)

  2. Good for you! Keep us posted....and enjoy that solo dental appointment:)


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