Sunday, January 13, 2013

Exercise Challenge: Month 10, Week 1

At least one of us got some exercise.
Sunday I wasn't feeling that great so didn't go out.
Monday I got in 15 minutes of walking to & from buses en route to my chiro & massage appointments downtown. I did take Sprout out for a ride, but that hardly counts as exercise--he rides so slowly & stops so much that I'm moving at a snail's pace the majority of the time.
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday I stayed home, asking Sprout if he needed to pee constantly. Ah, potty training.
Friday I did 30 minutes of walking to pick up stickers (potty training rewards) & a few assorted things.
Saturday saw 45 minutes of walking between daycare viewing, park visiting, brunch having & shopping.

Weekly Total:  90 minutes of walking. No cycling at all. Pretty terrible on the exercise front, I have to admit. At least the potty training is going better now, after a rocky day two & three. I should try to get in some cycling on my stationary bike inside, at least, but I've become blind to it & don't even notice the thing anymore. Heh.

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