Friday, January 11, 2013

Seriously late post, I know...

Jason Good, pic hijacked off G+, heh
I've been having one of those days. Well, kind of one of those weeks, really. This is my excuse for not posting anything today until now. The perfect storm has hit me: trying to find childcare for Sprout, toilet training & feeling under the weather. Today's toilet training actually has gone rather well, until Sprout decided to turn into a complete & utter hysterical puddle for no reason that makes sense to an adult.

This post by Jason Good on his blog, 46 Reasons My Three-Year-Old Might Be Freaking Out, pretty much sums it up. You should also read everything he's ever written. He's really funny.

Hope you've had a better week than I have. If not, let's commiserate in the comments section, shall we?

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