Monday, January 28, 2013

The Electronic Babysitter

Went to massage & chiro today. Hips are a bit out of whack, so I am recommended to spend some time lying in bed with my heating pad. Okay! Now, if I could only convince Sprout not to jump on top of me while I'm doing said 'therapy'... Methinks there might be a bit more 'Mighty Machines' in his future.

I want to minimize his screen time & I kind of hate that it's such a 'boy' thing to watch, but he really loves it. At least it doesn't have commercials or trademarked characters for him to get attached to, then demand the coordinating trademarked clothing, snack food & toys. Since we opened his crib into a bed, it's been my fall-back plan to prevent him from playing with knives or electrical outlets while I'm in the shower.

What do you do to occupy your toddler when you really need to get something done? Got any brilliant no-fail suggestions that don't involve restraints or electronics?

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  1. He's following in his big cousin's footsteps! I think Jonah's finally outgrown MM. He's really really into Harry Potter right now. I've read him the first book, and we just started watching the movie this evening (in installments after his sisters are asleep). We started reading book two a few nights ago.
    Natalie and Kira have never been too into MM, but they loooooooooove Bob the Builder. And currently love Richard Scarry DVDs. I felt really guilty about letting them watch them over and over while we were all sick last week, until I caught them singing the alphabet song and counting everything under the sun. I know they picked these skills up from the videos, so it can't be all bad, right??
    Has Linnaeus worn his new shirt with the Lego crane on it yet? Or are you waiting for the summer? Jonah started playing with Lego when I was pregnant with the girls, so he was just over 2.5 yo.


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