Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Word 'lite' Wednesday

When Sprout wakes up in the morning, he hops out of bed & runs straight into our bedroom. If it's really early (sadly, he wakes between 2 & 7am fairly often) he'll clamber over one of us, dig under the covers between us & go right back to sleep. The lovely nights where he sleeps right through until a reasonable time, he still runs straight in for his morning cuddles. This is also the time of the non sequitur. He says the oddest things to me just after he's woken up in the morning. Today it was, "Poop." Yesterday, "Mama is a bear."

I'm trying to enjoy these morning cuddles while I can, despite the kicks to the ribs & head butting that tends to go with them. Once I start school we'll be waking up, jumping out of bed & rushing around to get ready--no time for a half hour of cuddles in the morning.

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