Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Looking out the window at our lovely hosts' home on Bowen yesterday.

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  1. Emily is 28 months old, so very close. Her last breastfeeding was on December 10. Since then she has asked a few times, and I just grin and remind her that we are all done breastfeeding, she is a big girl etc, and she giggles and agrees. It was a very similar situation to yours - we were down to once or twice a day, she's too busy anyway etc.
    As for toilet training, we went cold turkey with both girls and it was great. A few days for them to figure it out (i.e. a lot of wet pants, underwear, socks) but not really a big deal at all. We didn't attempt night training - my older daughter wasn't ready even when I finally forced it on her when she turned four, and my younger is still sleeping in a sleep sack in her crib, so wouldn't be able to get up to go pee in the night. And still wakes up wet sometimes. We didn't really stay close to home or anything, just went about our days packing extra clothes and wet bags/plastic bags. That way the girls got used to using public bathrooms and just sort of saw it as a normal activity in the day. We did have it a bit easier because they were in daycare so the daycare workers dealt with some of the messes. We were very lucky in that both girls understood and went along with it. For a while my older daughter regressed, just after her sister was born, so we in desperation promised her a mini-egg at the end of every day if she was dry all day. DONE! Within 10 days she went back to peeing in the toilet and had forgotten about the mini eggs. Good luck!!!


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