Thursday, March 21, 2013

How to use ONE paper towel to dry your hands

How many paper towels do you use when you dry your hands in a public washroom? I saw this TED talk quite a while ago & made these tips part of my routine. It's become even more relevant lately because, as a full-time student at SFU, I'm using public washrooms with paper towel multiple times per day.

In case you haven't seen the video, I've embedded it below. It's under five minutes--I urge you to watch it & try the technique. It works, I promise!

In case the video didn't work for you, please watch it here on YouTube.

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  1. I haven't seen paper towels in a public washroom in ages. I kind of miss them in a way, the gale-force hand dryers freak out N&K and they start screaming every time they go we have a lot of drying hands on Mama's pants.. ;)

    1. Yeah, it's funny--I never see paper in malls, but at SFU Surrey there are only paper towels, no hand dryers. The Burnaby campus has both, from what I recall. Sprout isn't really afraid of the air dryers, though they do startle him a bit.


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